Get To Know Camila!

Get to Know Camila with Mercon Specialty


Camila Topke was born and raised in Guatemala, where she spent much of her childhood on coffee farms. Her family owns 3 coffee farms in Guatemala, which exposed her to coffee production and its culture from a very young age.  Camila has a Bachelor of Science from Southern Methodist University focused on Markets and Cultures. After college, she returned to Guatemala to work closely with her father to help him with coffee farm management.  

During her time in Guatemala, she joined the Women in Coffee Chapter of the International Women in Coffee Association (IWCA) and in 2014 became Vice President of the Guatemalan Chapter. Her involvement in the organization led to Camila working alongside with neighboring coffee-producing countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, and Colombia. This exposure helped Camila create relationships with producers from Central and South America.  

While working in Guatemala, she implemented sustainability and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) programs.  This provided more jobs for women, i.e., grafting, and cherry-picking. In 2017 Camila decided to move to Houston to learn more about importing and trading. From 2017 to 2023 Camila has been an active Trader of Coffee.  Camila works with large, medium, and small roasters.

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