Get To Know Noah!


Mercon Specialty Noah Green Coffee Quality Specialist

Noah is a native of Guam who initially planned to pursue a career in marine biology, which led to them volunteering with companies such as National Park Services and NOAA during their school years. After graduating high school, they decided to explore beyond their homeland and moved to Washington.

While working as a barista, Noah discovered their love for coffee and decided to pursue it as a career. They have worked in various cafes, became a barista trainer at Mr. West Café Bar, and obtained their Green Coffee Foundation certification during their seven-year coffee career.

Noah is thrilled to start their green coffee career working with the compassionate and friendly team as the Quality Control Assistant. They aim to continue expanding their knowledge of the coffee universe and obtain their Q-Grade Certification.

Outside work, Noah enjoys exploring food culture, reading novels and comic books, playing video games, feeding their kawaii shopping problem, and spending time with loved ones.

Join us in welcoming Noah to the team!