Get To Know Serena!

Get To Know Serena with Mercon Specialty

Serena, a Miami native, has always been passionate about creating memorable experiences for people. She found her way into the world of hospitality as she believed in the power of helping people create memories in simple moments. She worked in hotels and events worldwide and completed her Master's degree in Hospitality Management after studying in Europe, Costa Rica, and China, with a focus on enhancing the customer experience.

Serena decided to pursue her personal passion for coffee and took a leap of faith to expand her hospitality experience. She worked with various cafes and wholesale roasters in South Florida, gaining experience in café operations, leadership & training, sales & marketing, and trading. She discovered her love for multiple facets of the coffee industry and found that the world of green coffee offered a space to merge her skills and passions. Serena is thrilled to be part of a team that values passion and humanity in providing the best coffee while supporting every aspect of the chain.

Beyond coffee work, Serena is committed to philanthropic causes, assisting refugees in Miami in building their foundation after being displaced due to war or political uncertainty. She is driven by the belief that every individual deserves an equal opportunity to succeed. She enjoys going on nature adventures with her two dogs, Alfred & Robin, gastronomic journeys, attending concerts of all genres from classical to metal, and sharing her love for cheesy 90's television. 

Join us in welcoming Serena to the team!