Get To Know Thomas!

Thomas Kennett Mercon Specialty Team Member

Thomas has been involved in the coffee community since 2009 when he began his journey as a barista at the Barnes & Noble Café in an attempt to get a discount on books. Little did he know that in addition to just reading, he would find his passion in crafting and serving coffee while sharing the joy he has for the industry at large with his friends and neighbors.

Making the jump to specialty, Thomas has since served as a barista, café manager, retail trainer, roaster, green coffee buyer, and quality control specialist for multiple cafes in the greater St. Louis area. Realizing that people are the true heart of the coffee industry, Thomas enjoys consulting and problem-solving for businesses of all sizes and backgrounds to make the local coffee scene better for everyone in their community.

Thomas joined the team in the summer of 2023 and manages the Kansas City warehouse as a QC Assistant. When he’s not roasting or cupping in the lab, he can normally be found with his nose in a science or philosophy book. He also enjoys sports (mainly soccer, baseball, and boxing), rainy days, and hiking with his family.