Finca Los Conejos Hot Anaerobic ML 30kg Box


Finca Los Conejos Hot Anaerobic ML 30kg Box

Finca Los Conejos Hot Anaerobic ML 30kg Box

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Santa Rosa de Lima, Santa Rosa

Farm / Cluster

Julio Caesar Ordonez Montenegro, Karen Bonilla


1700 masl


Hot Anaerobic


Yellow Bourbon, Pacamara, Mundonovo, Geisha

Flavor Notes

Bright and complex, delicate, peach, melon, strawberry, green apple, complex finish

The Story Behind Finca Los Conejos Hot Anaerobic ML

Finca Los Conejos, named after the pet rabbits the family farm had when the owners were children, is not only a very memorable name, they are also dedicated to producing fantastic coffee. That is especially true with this lot, which is produced via hot anaerobic.

Hot anaerobic starts with the cherries being handpicked and sorted before processing to remove partially ripe and green coffee cherries.

Coffee cherries are placed in boxes under shade for 12 hours. This is known as a pre-fermentation stage or “cereza previa” which adds complexity to the final cup. Then, the pre-fermented cherries go into a siphon, a big water-filled tank. This helps separate dried or low-weight coffee cherries, as they usually float and go to the top of the tank for easy removal to ensure optimal cherries go through the next step.

Optimal cherries enter closed fermentation tanks for 24 hours (anaerobic fermentation), where temperatures for the tanks and environment are registered. After this stage, cherries are carried by water to the pulping station and then taken to the 2nd fermentation, also known as the oxidation stage, for 24 hours in open tanks.

Traditionally, after oxidation, coffee goes through washing and sorting canals (moved by water) to ensure mucilage removal. This lot is not thoroughly washed but semi-washed, intending to have some mucilage attached to the parchment, which adds complexity to the final cup.

Pulped and semi-washed coffee is then taken to the patios for 48 hours to begin with the 1st phase of the drying stage in Guatemala; this phase is called “oreado” (to remove moisture in a faster way and avoid possible mold growth). Coffee is then carried from the patios and placed in African beds for 21 days, continuing the drying stage at a slower pace and controlled temperature. After drying, coffee is placed in Grainpro bags for 1.5 months to ensure water/moisture homogenizes and stabilizes.

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