Finca El Molino Double Fermentation ML


Guatemalan Finca El Molino Double Fermentation ML Green Coffee Beans from Mercon Specialty

Finca El Molino Double Fermentation ML

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Mataquescuintla, Jalapa

Farm / Cluster

Robert Monterroso - Finca El Molino


1600-1800 masl


Double Fermentation Washed


Pache San Ramon, Catuai

Flavor Notes

Complex floral and dried fruit, tropical fruit, cherry, balanced cocoa, juicy and dynamic

The story behind Finca El Molino Double Fermentation ML

Roberto Monterroso and his family have produced coffee at the El Molino Estate since 2015. Surrounded by diverse natural shades of Cedar, Walnut, cypress, pine, and oak, among others. The altitudes range from 1,600 to 1,800 meters above sea level. The balance between ecosystems and the preservation of the environment allows the optimal growth of coffee. Therefore, El Molino is well known for its process diversity and singular cup. Every coffee cherry is carefully hand-picked by locals, ensuring all the coffee is fully ripe before being harvested – they believe the highest quality comes from the field and is responsible for keeping it along the value chain.

Their passion is to create excellence in every coffee bean. At the same time, developing a sustainable and profitable environment, being leaders in agricultural development, creating employment around their community, and improving their collaborators' livelihood. They devote exceptional effort to traceability from the seed to the bean because every single cherry has the potential to add value and contribute to the sustainability plan: Helping their contributors achieve their personal goals while providing an exceptional cup. The family constantly works with the community surrounding the finca, focusing on improving their quality of life, including church facilities, the local school, and roads. We work for people because they are critical quality assets throughout the coffee chain.

This unique lot is a double fermentation washed coffee. The first fermentation is in the cherry state, as the cherries are left to rest in closed plastic bags for 40 hours in a cool warehouse right after being picked. This adds a certain complexity to the final cup. After the first fermentation, coffee is pulped and placed in fermentation tanks for 16 hours, and lastly, washed coffee is taken to the patios for the drying stage for 15 days.

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Guatemalan Finca El Molino Double Fermentation ML Green Coffee Beans from Mercon Specialty